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Technology Support for Older Adults

Home Support Service - Starting at $80

One-on-One service at your home.

We especially enjoy working with Greater Dayton's retirement living communities!


Smart Phones

Android? Apple? Long live the flip phone? We can assist with your mobile device.

Computers & Laptops

Printers, malware, and many other computer-related inquiries.

Windows & Mac

Smart TVs

A lot of new ways to watch entertainment. We'll help you explore your options, and even save you some money!​

Connecting with Family

Save your photos. Create videos for the family. Preserve your story. We can help.​

Online Shopping

Looking to buy a new phone or television? We find fantastic deals and also help you set up.​

Internet & Web Browsers

 Avoid the pitfalls of browsing. We also provide solutions for your home internet and Wi-Fi.

Home Devices

Home security, smart speakers, and more.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questi​ons for more information.


(937) 735-0333

[email protected]